Your Ford is Speaking...Are You Listening?

After another long day of phone rings, text alerts, email bings and random buzzes, it’s hard to be incredibly perceptive when it comes to car tones, but these little beeps and extra dings that you may hear in your car are incredibly important for your safety. That is why Ford has an area within its company that is devoted entirely to the design of these chimes so that each alert can break through the clutter and effectively communicate with drivers.

Known as the Vehicle Harmony group within Ford’s larger Vehicle Engineering Division, the special group of designers is in charge of creating tones, signals and alerts that will effectively catch the attention of Ford drivers. Whether a light is left on, a seatbelt is not in use or a door is ajar, drivers need to know when something isn’t quite right. Plus, with the all new safety suite that includes collision prevention software, cross traffic alerts and a blind spot information system, Ford drivers seem to have more sounds and signals to keep up with than ever before. However, the work of the Vehicle Harmony group aims to make each alert understandable and easy. With dynamic sounds that range in intensity and pitch, the Vehicle Harmony group has made driver awareness easier than ever.

In a world full of tones and buzzes and alerts, the Ford Vehicle Harmony group has provided the ideal sounds in your vehicle so that your car can communicate with you effectively, all while allowing you to keep your sanity. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Ford thinks so, too.

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