Ford Escape Interior Features 2019

The Ford Escape is the choice for drivers who want fuel economy, cargo room, and superior handling. It’s ranked second in the compact SUV class, according to US News & World Report. Part of that is the interior. Well-architected and comfortable, the Escape feels like a larger SUV than it really is. You can easily fit everyone and everything in this compact SUV with the amount of cargo room.

There are also a few technology features that are different in the latest Escape version. For one, you get a touch-screen with Sync 3 in the center console. In addition, you can connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to seamlessly make hands-free phone calls or switch to entertainment. The Escape has a decent sound system, but you can always upgrade if you are looking for something more superior.

Test drive the Ford Escape at Frontier Ford located in Santa Clara, CA.

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