Smart and Simple Ford EcoSport

Ford has taken a bold approach to satisfying the economy car market of late. Ford opted not to offer another small car made from cheap materials to be offered at a minimal price. Instead, Ford designed an all-new affordable compact SUV that gives owners versatility and flexibility to tackle a broad variety of transportation needs.

The Ford EcoSport fits nicely into the lifestyles of younger buyers and city dwellers with active lifestyles. The EcoSport offers a versatile, efficient, and safe platform that houses some impressive tech features; everything a young person needs. The 2018 EcoSport incorporates smart SYNC3 system, which features Apple Car Play and other phone and entertainment integration features such as voice text and message playback.

The FordPass and SyncConnect features take phone integration to the next level; allowing owners to view and modify the status of their EcoSport from their smartphone. With this feature, users can lock the door from their hotel room or start the car while still waiting at baggage claim.

The possibilities are endless with the smart technology integrated into the EcoSport. Visit Frontier Ford to check one out for yourself.

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