Ford has put a lot of thought into the new Taurus. This popular full-sized sedan is filled with advanced technology that can enhance the driving experience and keep you safe. The Ford Taurus is available at Frontier Ford with an intelligent electronic steering system.

Officially called Electric Power-Assisted Steering, or EPAS, this system is capable of giving you better control no matter how fast you're going. It's sensitive to speed and will adjust accordingly to give you a better experience. When you're traveling at slower speeds, the steering wheel will feel more fluid. As you pick up the speed, you may notice that the wheel feels a bit firmer.

The EPAS system also has pull-drift compensation. Driving through crosswinds or over uneven roads around Santa Clara can throw your steering off. The system will compensate for these changes so that your driving is not affected. It won't feel as if your car is getting tossed around by the elements.

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