Checking Engine with Computer

If the engine of your car starts to make noises, this requires immediate attention. You can't afford to ignore the problem because this normally indicates that a bigger problem will be on the horizon. For the car drivers who fail to heed the warning of the engine noises, the consequences can be become costly depending on what results from it.

Does the Car Make Popping Noises?

The popping noises coming from the engine requires careful attention because these noises could happen for a variety of reasons. Taking the DIY approach might be an okay start in the beginning with this problem because it could be something simple. For example, the popping noise could be coming from a dirty air filter. It could also happen as a result of a spark plug that has been corroded or bad spark wires or a clogged fuel filter. If you can't identify the noise, then it's time to take it to the auto mechanic.

Noise While Accelerating?

Sometimes you will only hear the weird engine noise as you speed up. If you hear this noise, it happens because of friction within the engine. You should take this problem with the utmost seriousness because strange noises in the engine while accelerating could cause you serious problems. Some of the possible culprits of a problem like this include a faulty water pump, a bent piston, low power steering fluid or the malfunctioning of the air conditioning compressor. No matter what the cause of the strange noise, you want to deal with it as quickly as possible because you don't want this problem to get any worse.

Does the Engine Make Pinging and Knocking Noises?

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In some cases, the knocking noise will happen as a result of the fuel igniting within the engine cylinder. The pinging and the knocking happen as a result of the ignition not working correctly. This could happen for a variety of reasons like damaged spark plugs, a bad fuel injector or a bad fuel filter.

Does Your Car Squeal when You Brake?

This can be a particularly bad problem, and it happens when the brakes grind, squeal or scrape. What does it mean when this happens? Potentially, it means that a brake problem has begun to develop, and you want to address the problem as quickly as possible. You could have a safety-related problem that has begun to develop, and you want to take care of it immediately to keep it from getting out of control.

Does Your Engine Sizzle or Hiss?

If you notice steam or smoke developing from the engine, obviously you can't continue to drive it like that because you'll develop far more problems with it. Most of the time, this problem develops because the engine fluids like the coolant, oil and power steering were leaking into the hot exhaust parts.

Let's say that you have one of these problems with the engine. The best way that you can address it is through sending your car to the mechanic. We have knowledgeable expert mechanics who have worked in this industry for a long time. This means that they will understand how to address some of the issues that can arise with it. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us via phone, email or visit us in person. We'd love the opportunity to work with you. We have experienced technicians who can help to identify what the weird engine noise is in your vehicle, which is the best way to get an answer.

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