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Run out of Gas? Here's What to Do.

Running out of gas is one of the annoyingly inevitable moments of driving life, which is why we wanted to provide a few tips and tricks on what you should do if you find yourself with the gas needle firmly on the letter E. Take a look at our tips below!

  1. Try to pull off to the side of the road. Most drivers will be able to tell if their car is about to run…
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4 MUST-SEE Tips for Vehicle Financing

Having a firm understanding of automotive financing is vital to getting the right price on your next new or used car. Even before visiting the dealership, it is best to come fully prepared with a financing plan that will help you and the dealer find the perfect car for your lifestyle and your budget. Take a look at our four tips below to see which important financing tips you've been missing.

Understand Your Budget…

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Driving Tips for Traveling Around San Francisco

San Francisco Driving

San Francisco, as well as other parts of the Bay Area, can be a bit difficult to get around in, thanks to one-way streets and those infamously steep roadways. To help our customers better navigate the sometimes frustrating aspects of San Francisco driving, we’ve put together some tips for you to live by.

  • Remember that public vehicles, especially trains and streetcars, have the right-of-way. Even if you have a green light, don’t be the person that pulls out in front of an oncoming city bus, even if they are in the wrong.
  • Keep at a steady speed on…
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How to Use Ford Remote Start to Cool or Heat Your Car

Ford Fusion Interior 

The warmer summer months are approaching and as the temperatures rise, so does the level of discomfort that you often feel while in your vehicle. If you have to head to work or to run an errand, you may dread having to walk to your hot car. It doesn’t help if you have to park your automobile out in the driveway where the sun heats it up or on the top of a parking…

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Holiday Driving Tips from Ford

The holidays are finally upon us, which means everyone around the U.S. will be hopping into their new Ford cars and heading to Grandma’s house this December. In order to help everyone have a safe and happy holiday season, Ford, working with the Emily Post Institute, has put together a fun list of holiday travel tips that are sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Take a look at the fun infographic…
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