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The Guardians of the Galaxy Adopt a New Team Member: the Ford EcoSport

Guardians of the Galaxy EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport has been chosen by Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and even Rocket to be the official vehicle of their latest adventure: “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

This means that the newest model from Ford will be featured in a variety of ads that will push customers to “Be the Guardian of Your Galaxy,” while also taking part in an exclusive digital comic (cover below) that will feature the SUV.

“EcoSport is…

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Don't Miss Santa Clara's Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15

Easter Egg Hunt

Parents, mark your calendars! Santa Clara’s annual Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Pool-Ooza is right around the corner, and you don’t want to miss this popular local event that both parents and kids love.

The event will be at Santa Clara’s Central Park, with the hunt kicking off at 10 a.m. After that, kids will able to head over to the International Swim Center on Patricia Drive to take part in…

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Afraid of Driving at Night? Ford Has a Solution You Need to See

Ford Night Driving

It’s not unusual for people to be a little apprehensive when driving at night. Many people are wary of experiencing night blindness, as well as not seeing possible hazards in the road, which can make folks less likely to head out after the sun goes down.

But Ford is looking to help alleviate some of these fears by developing technology that will hopefully help people feel more comfortable on the road during the nighttime…

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Popular 'Heart & Soles' Run Moves to Santa Clara March 25

Women Running

The 4th annual Heart & Soles Run is back in the San Jose area; however, this time, the popular run will be hosted right here in Santa Clara!

As one of the most beloved local events in the area, the Heart & Soles Run benefits local organizations which look to provide not only healthy foods to area kids, but also healthy activities to get them involved more in regular play and exercise.

Organizations benefiting from this year…

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MotorWeek Names Ford Fusion '2017 Best Family Sedan'

2017 Ford Fusion

The 2017 Ford Fusion’s family-car credentials just got at big bump from MotorWeek, which named the Fusion the “Best Family Sedan” in their annual 2017 MotorWeek Driver’s Choice Awards.

The Driver’s Choice Awards recognizes cars that, from a buyer’s point of view, provide the utmost in value, technology and dependability. This award gives good insight into how various drivers have interacted with a certain car, so that shoppers know which ones provide the most value.

The reliable and innovative 2017 Fusion took home the prize for “Best Family Sedan,” highlighting its many distinctions, including its terrific…

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76th Annual Camellia Show, a Santa Clara Favorite, Returns Feb. 25

The Santa Clara Camellia Show returns for its 76th year, continuing its place as one of the most popular local events for nearly a century.

A free event open to folks around the San Francisco area, the Camellia Show is presented by the Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department and the Camellia Society, and features hundreds of gorgeous blossoms and blooms of this stunning flower.

Nature lovers are sure to find this event mesmerizing, with Camellias…

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Driving Tips for Traveling Around San Francisco

San Francisco Driving

San Francisco, as well as other parts of the Bay Area, can be a bit difficult to get around in, thanks to one-way streets and those infamously steep roadways. To help our customers better navigate the sometimes frustrating aspects of San Francisco driving, we’ve put together some tips for you to live by.

  • Remember that public vehicles, especially trains and streetcars, have the right-of-way. Even if you have a green light, don’t be the person that pulls out in front of an oncoming city bus, even if they are in the wrong.
  • Keep at a steady speed on…
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