When you hear "plug-in hybrid," what is your first thought? These are highly-efficient, eco-friendly cars, so what do you think their driving range is? If you are like the majority of Americans surveyed in a 2016 Harris Poll, then you assume the maximum range of a plug-in hybrid is less than 300 miles.

The estimated combined driving range of the 2017 Fusion Energi on one tank of gas and full battery charge is 610 miles!

More than you were expecting, right?

"Plug-in hybrids are electric vehicles until you run down the battery," said Wade Jackson, marketing manager for Ford Fusion, "then they work exactly like a conventional hybrid. Fusion Energi – with a full battery and a full tank of gas – can go from San Diego, through Los Angeles and all the way up to San Francisco, and still have up to 110 miles of range remaining."

The 2017 Fusion Energi has a 14-gallon fuel tank, a 21-mile all-electric range, and an EPA-estimated rating of 43mpg city/41mpg highway.

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