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Frontier Ford in Santa Clara wants to invite you to visit our friendly dealership. We specialize in helping people just like you find the perfect car or truck, and our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have. At Frontier Ford, we also work with people who have less than perfect credit. We'll work with you to try and find a lending option for your situation.

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Should I Finance My Next Car?

There are many advantages to financing a car. First and foremost among these is the opportunity to purchase a higher quality vehicle. Buying a less expensive used car with cash can often result in more repairs down the road. The cost of those repairs can easily exceed the purchase price when financing a vehicle. A better car might also mean better fuel economy, and that can add up to significant savings over time.

Financing a car is also a great way to establish or build upon your credit history. Everyone has to start somewhere, and making your payments on time can help to improve your credit. As your credit progresses, you may be eligible for a better rate on your next car purchase.

You'll also find that financing a car can help you establish better budgeting for the duration of your loan. You will know what your payments are each month, which makes it easier for you to input those figures into your budget to select a car that you can afford. We will work with you to find a vehicle within the range of your budget.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car?

When considering financing a car, many individuals worry about their credit score. We understand that credit scores are only a part of the overall picture of creditworthiness. Rather than stand rigidly by credit scores, we prefer to seek out lending opportunities that work for people of all credit types.

Whether your credit is good or bad, we want to work with you to find a lending option. We've helped many individuals just like you obtain car financing. Do not disregard your chances of getting financed until you let us see what opportunities are available. Stop by our local Ford dealership today for more information.

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