Sun Damage to Car

Santa Clara may not be as hot as other regions in the U.S., but we still get a lot, and I mean a lot, of sun during the summer months.

And while sunshine might be a wonderful thing for most Californians (that’s why we live here right?), for your car, endless sun can be a burden, causing multiple problems from paint decay and decreased tire pressure to faded upholstery.

Take a look below to see a few tips on how to avoid these problems, so that your car continues to run beautifully throughout the entire summer season!

Park in the shade/garage.

If you have access to a garage or a shady spot during working hours, use it. The most damage to cars is done when they are exposed to the hot sun for hours at a time, so if you can find a shady spot to park your car, experts suggest taking full advantage.

Get a wax.

Even if you park in the shade, you’ll still find that repeated sun exposure can breakdown your car’s paint, and thus, leave it looking older and more run down than it is.

To prevent this, simply bring your car into our Santa Clara Ford service center for an early summer wax, which will give it an extra layer of protection against damaging sun rays.

Check your tires monthly.

From tire pressure to the state of your tires’ rubber, its best to give your tires a good once-over every month. This will let you know if you need to bring your car in for a quick check-up. Low tire pressure is very dangerous, as is decayed tire rubber, so don’t wait to get them checked out if you think there is a problem.

Use sunshades and consider window tinting.

Getting your windows tinted when you first buy or lease a car is essential to keeping the interior cool, as well as looking new over a long period of time. Sun exposure can cause your cabin’s features to fade, making them look worn.

If you already have tinted windows, then be sure to invest in a reflective sunshade for your windshield, which will help keep your interior looking new longer.

Get your battery tested.

Like we said, the heat of the summer sun is not a friend to cars, especially when it comes to your battery. Not only can the summer heat drain your battery’s power levels, it can also inadvertently affect its power, thanks to an increased use of systems like your air conditioner.