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The warmer summer months are approaching and as the temperatures rise, so does the level of discomfort that you often feel while in your vehicle. If you have to head to work or to run an errand, you may dread having to walk to your hot car. It doesn’t help if you have to park your automobile out in the driveway where the sun heats it up or on the top of a parking ramp while you work for many hours. If your vehicle has a remote start you can use this to cool down your vehicle before you have to get inside of it. During the winter months, the same thing can happen, but you can use this to heat up your car when it is cold outside.


What Is It?

A remote starter on a vehicle is a unit that is controlled by a remote. Usually, this is part of your key fob that you get when you purchase your car. This starter is electronically tied into the security system of your vehicle. If your automobile didn’t come with a starter when you bought it, you could have this added on after the fact. When a button is pressed on your remote start control unit, your vehicle will start up. Whatever the temperature setting was within your vehicle when you left it that morning, that is what will start running. So necessarily, if you want to cool down your vehicle later on in the day, you should leave your car with the air conditioning on and run.

Features Of A Remote Start?

Many of the vehicles that come with a remote start already installed in it will have some other features that are also included. Since the starter is wired into the security system, other areas of the vehicle can be controlled remotely as well such as locking and unlocking of doors, remote trunk release, lighting up your dome light remotely, starter disables, window movement and so on. The better quality your vehicle and remote start is, the father and farther away you will be able to control these things from somewhere else.

How Should You Use Your Remote Starter?

Since you can start your vehicle without having to be inside of it, you have a few options when it comes to heating or cooling your car before driving. If you are at work and your vehicle is nearby, you can use your remote to start your vehicle up about fifteen minutes or so before you head out for the day. If your automobile is a little ways away, you may be able to walk to an outside area and start it from there, head back in and pack up your things before leaving. From home, the process is pretty simple. You can press your remote start button from a front window, have your vehicle start, and then you can leave when you are ready. Make sure that you never start your vehicle while it is parked inside of your garage, with the garage door closed. The emissions and carbon monoxide needs to be able to escape.

Of course, be careful with your remote starter. You want to make sure you know when your vehicle is running, and if you throw your keys around and don’t know where they are, there is always the chance you have started your car and don’t even know that it is running. If you are looking for a new vehicle that has a remote starter in it or you would like to upgrade your current car, stop by our dealership today. We can help you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle and budget.

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