Innovative Ford SYNC 3 System Engages Drivers this Summer

Remember the days when one’s car was only used for transportation? The days when you had to check five different sources to learn about the weather, communicate with friends, check out new songs and get directions? Those days are long over thanks to the all-new Ford SYNC 3 software debuting this 2016 model year. As Ford’s new communication and entertainment system, the SYNC 3 program will allow drivers to stay connected thanks to faster performance, a responsive screen and an incredibly easy-to-use system.

The accessible SYNC 3 offers infinite possibilities for drivers. Want to listen to your new Spotify playlist? The AppLink software pairs your smartphone applications with the Ford’s entertainment system so that your next song is just a touch away. Desperate to find a restaurant that is close? The simple SYNC 3 engages local navigation to find nearby businesses or services based on keyword searches. Plus, SYNC 3 provides a subscription-free 911 Assist program so that first responders can get to an accident scene quicker than ever.

Designed with you in mind, the interface of the Ford Sync 3 is simple yet sophisticated. Optimized for hands-free use, drivers can engage Siri Eyes-free and dictate directions in a conversational tone using a simple Push to Talk steering wheel button. This means no more distracted driving. In addition, the capacitive touch screen technology functions similar to a tablet or smartphone so that drivers can pinch, squeeze, swipe and scroll easily for a truly accessible experience.

Interested in this incredible software? The Ford SYNC 3 will be showcased throughout the 2016 Ford lineup, starting with the all-new Escape and Fiesta models this summer. Soon to be available at our dealership on a wide variety of models, the intuitive Ford SYNC 3 program is yet another step forward in the right direction for Ford this model year. Simultaneously accessible and advanced, the SYNC 3 infotainment program is perfect for Ford drivers in San Jose. Can’t wait? Check out our current lineup of 2015 models equipped with SYNC.

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