Charging Your Ford Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

Purchasing a Ford plug-in hybrid / electric vehicle is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s extremely easy to transition to this type of vehicle, but you will want to learn how to charge it properly. Ford equips all of their cars of this type with a 120-volt charging cord so that you can charge your vehicle at home or on the go.

There are a few different models/trim levels that you can select, but you’ll generally utilize the same process for charging. Lift your carpeted floor area in your trunk to access the cord. Plug the AC plug right into your AC outlet that’s located inside of your garage. Make sure that you don’t have anything else plugged in at the same time. Otherwise, you might trip the circuit.

Once you’re plugged in, your charging coupler will connect to your charge ports located on the side of the vehicle. When you hear a click, this means that the lock release is engaged. There will also be LED lights around your port that will flash twice when charging is ready.

You can change your vehicle’s port preferences by way of your infotainment system on your dashboard. Simply click on the port setting option, and you can select ‘Charge Port Light’ if you want to turn your port light function on or off. Keep in mind your lights will let you know how much charging has been completed. Each of the bars accounts for 25 percent of a charge. There are four bars total.

If you’ve selected the quick charging function on your Ford hybrid electric vehicle, you can utilize 240-volt charging stations. This will provide a charge that is 50 percent faster than the 120-volt variety.

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