Ford Sync 3 with Waze 

Ford never ceases to amaze its customers with both durability and convenience. The SYNC 3 system continues in the tradition of accessibility by offering drivers access to Waze.

About Ford SYNC 3

Ford SYNC 3 places the power in the driver’s hands to do everything from access their car’s health report on the go to scheduling times to start the automobile from a smartphone. You only need to download the FordPass app to track your vehicle from afar and lock the doors if intruders get inside of the car. SYNC 3 comes equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities that let you connect up to ten devices to the ATT network.

Ford owners and passengers especially love the Wi-Fi hotspot as select models offer speeds up to 4G LTE. Logging onto the FordPass database is all it takes to keep track of your usage. What is so great about the Wi-Fi hotspot provided by Ford is that connection does not abruptly stop when you exit the vehicle. You can surf the Internet on the same network up to 50 feet away from your car, which means that you can connect before entering the automobile. You save money all the way around as Ford’s hotspot lets you give your smartphone’s network a break.

Ford has also partnered with Alexa to bring even more convenience to SYNC 3 operators. Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant who can help you stay on schedule all while entertaining you with good music. Using the Ford + Alexa app gives you access to more than 30,000 Amazon skills along with Prime shopping capabilities.

SYNC 3 and Waze

The infotainment center offered by Ford is that much more advanced and user-friendly thanks to Waze. You do not get ordinary turn-by-turn directions when you use Waze as your navigation source. Instead, you receive up-to-date information about traffic that is submitted by users in your area. You are also encouraged to provide local updates to make the system better.

Waze alerts you when you are in proximity to law enforcement as well as when you are approaching an accident. Such notifications contribute to more safe driving as you are more prone to be cautious when you know what lies ahead. The system is the ideal choice for college students and entrepreneurs hoping to hold a meeting at a local restaurant or coffee shop. You can use Waze to synchronize your arrival times so that no one is left waiting for hours.

The program also saves you money on gasoline since individuals in the system’s community, a.k.a. Wazers, tell you how much fuel costs before you arrive. Surprises at the pump are a thing of the past so long as you use Waze on a daily basis.

Ford Plus Waze Equals Magic

Ford has revolutionized the automobile industry for decades and shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to innovation. Waze takes on the same approach with its community-based navigation system that heavily relies on users to provide information about traffic conditions.

There is no telling how far these two companies will go in their quest to make driving a more convenient and overall pleasant experience. Wouldn’t you want to be on the cutting-edge of what is unfolding? Stop by our dealership today to test drive a 2018 Ford car or truck!

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