Ford Bronco Sport Becomes First Vehicle To Feature Parts Made of 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic  

There are 13 million metric tons of plastic entering our oceans each year. Ford has worked with recycled plastic in the past to construct different parts of their vehicle lineup, but this year's Ford Bronco will be the first model in the automotive market to utilize recycled ocean plastic. Wiring harness clips are located in the second row of the Bronco, and they will be made out of a strong and durable recycled ocean plastic material. The final product was actually stronger than their other options, not to mention a more affordable and eco-friendly option.

Ocean plastic is a problem because it threatens our marine life and pollutes our water and land. Fishing nets are the leading cause of this ocean plastic, and this is what will be collected for the construction of the Ford Bronco, thanks to the help of DSM Engineering Materials. As the material is collected, it will be washed and processed into tiny plastic pellets. The pellets are then molded into the Bronco harness clips by Hellermann Tyton. There are plans in the works for transmission brackets and floor side rails using this ocean plastic as well.

The harness clips utilized in the construction of the Bronco are located in the second row of the vehicle. They are hidden beneath the interior panels of the automobile, connecting to wiring and airbags. If you would like to learn more about this process or the part that has been constructed, reach out to Frontier Ford for more information. We are proud to work with a vehicle manufacturer striving to reduce their carbon footprint while helping clean out our oceans.

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