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When people think of vulnerable populations, they typically think of children and animals. However, our seniors are also people who needs a helping hand, too. These people are full of life, but as we age, life gets a little more challenging to live. Heart of the Valley, SERVICES FOR SENIORS, Inc. is a non-profit organization determined to make a difference in the life of our older citizens by advocating and supporting independent living for seniors.

What Does Heart of the Valley Do?

Volunteers help to operate Heart of the Valley and develop programs that help enrolled seniors, 65 years old and over. The goal is simple; Heart of the Valley wants seniors to be able to stay as independent as possible while getting the help they need to comfortably and safely live day-to-day life. A few of their most important programs are:

  • Safe at Home: A program where volunteers visit to make sure that seniors are physically safe from slippery floors and other household hazards.
  • Humane Hearts 4 Pets & Seniors: Heart of the Valley helps seniors get pet food and veterinarian care for their beloved pets.
  • Seniors in Tech: Volunteers sit down with seniors and guide them through social media, online scheduling of medical appointments, and even camera downloads so they can take and keep their treasured photos.

As you can see, Heart of the Valley knows that a good life is a full life. They want every senior in the area to be able to have the help they need to be safe and get the most out of life. If seniors come up with other things they need during their time in the program, Heart of the Valley works to create a program for that new, unexplored need. The volunteers really care about the people they work with. Age means wisdom, and it's always fulfilling to help our wisest citizens get the most out of what sometimes seems like a new world to them.

Thanks to these giving people who volunteer their time, Santa Clara seniors are enjoying life more than ever and doing it in a way that's safe for them and the people and pets they love.

Where You Can Learn More

Anyone who would like to know more about Heart of the Valley, SERVICES FOR SENIORS, Inc. should visit their website to explore more.