Ford Marverick  

Ford's New Compact Secret

Ford's an automaker that knows how to introduce a pickup truck to America. Its F-series continues to be one of the best-selling vehicles in America, so when Ford fans recently spotted a compact pickup truck listed as a possible future model, Blue Oval-lovers went wild.

Information about the 2022 Ford Maverick

For now, information is scarce and rumored, but that doesn't mean we have no idea what the 2022 Maverick compact truck might look like and perform. If the model is produced, it will come out of the Hermosillo plant in Mexico. Word is that the Bronco Sport specs will have a special place in the design of the Maverick. For example, it'll have a C2 unibody and have some of the Sport's same mechanical parts. You'll be able to choose between all-wheel drive or a standard drive configuration.

Ford Maverick Front View

The configuration of the cabin itself is said to fall in the crew cab line. It might also sport the Bronco Sport's powertrain (or be close to it). There's no official word yet over whether Ford will produce an electric variant. Still, they've been very fond of exploring electric powertrains recently, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see an all-electric Maverick someday.

The size of the Maverick has been another topic of discussion among Ford fans. When the prototype model was spotted, it was very close in size to the popular Ranger truck. While the Ranger is a pickup truck that falls in the midsize range, the Maverick was comparable to it side-by-side. This means that the Maverick will be compact but on the larger end of the class specs. The truck bed wasn't very well explored, but those who saw it claimed it looked enormous for a compact bed.

There are no official specs on the interior either, but given that this is a Ford, we know there will be a large touchscreen device for the front seat, comfortable genuine leather options, perhaps some woodgrain, and plenty of tech. Ford's a master at interior storage as well, so expect some hidden storage compartments as well.

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The Maverick is one of the most intriguing models of the year. It wouldn't surprise us to see the Maverick become a bestselling compact and longstanding popular choice among pickup truck lovers.