Ford Electric Vehicle Models for 2022  

Ford's strong lineup of electric vehicles has a genuine purpose in our society. They aren't there just to look nice, although they do. Ford wants to rid the plague of gasoline refills from your life forever and give you a cleaner type of energy to co-exist alongside. They've constructed a trio of new all-electric vehicles that will make any automobile lover excited for 2022.

Ford Electric Vehicle Line-up in 2022

The Mustang Mach-E was gifted the Mustang label, so you already know you can expect a hyper luxury experience you won't find anywhere else. As with most all-electric vehicles, though, the power is in the powertrain. The base model, the Mach-E AWD model, features 198 kW electric motors and a 216 Ah battery for a strong 224-mile range. The model's range goes all the way up to 314 miles, though, and there are a lot of nuanced choices in-between that allow you to get that sweet spot you want for your all-electric range.

If you don't need a family SUV, Ford has other attractive choices to choose from, including the F-150 Lightning. This one gets a striking exterior LED lighting infrastructure that spans across the entire top of the grille and into the headlamps. The resemblance to a bolt of lightning won't be lost on F-150 fans who crave something different. The model's 426 horsepower powertrain is available with no gas required. It also gets a powerful 775 lb-ft of torque, so you've got an impactful performance in every area you expect to see from an F-series pickup truck. This is the first all-electric F-150, so we encourage fans of the model not to miss out on the Lightning. Is now the time for you to make the switch to electric?

Finally, businesses are going to flip quickly for the E-Transit. This van is proudly assembled in the United States and comes with a Pro Power Onboard system that every business in the world will thank goodness for. You can customize your van to be either high, medium, or low in height. This handy configuration means a lot if you're in a highly specialized industry that requires things to be just right for your projects. Ask us about the three different designs of the model: Cutaway, Cargo Van, or Chassis Cab.

More Information on Ford Electric Vehicles

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