Ford CEO Is the 2022 MotorTrend Person of the Year  

The CEO of Ford, Jim Farley, is now going to be the Motortrend 2022 Person of the Year.

Person of the Year

It comes out that it was quite a day of announcements since Elon Musk was announced to be the Time Person of the Year Award as well. In terms of Ford drawing attention to the Person of the Year Awards, it's certainly true that Ford has brought some interest to the EV space. They might not be in the lead yet, but they certainly are working on plenty of EV options.

Farley inherited some problems because people saw Ford as being a company that had lost its way, and that was a bit behind the competition. They also thought it had weak leadership and a tendency not to achieve much transparency.

The award shows that Ford is starting to look on the up-and-up since it has a better product pipeline and several EV game changers. For example, the Mache-E is starting to outcompete other cars in the muscle car category. The article lauding Ford talks about the F-150 Lightening as well, which has also become quite a popular vehicle. There has also been a lot of talk about Evs in general, which speaks well of what Ford has been doing lately.

The list included many other people besides just Farley since there are quite a few people also interested in Evs, like Musk further down that last as people like GM CEO Mary Barra and others as well. There are enough people in this space high up this list that it certainly says something about the popularity of Evs these days. This will likely only continue as well since the importance of the green revolution will be carried forward far into the future and beyond.

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