How to Connect to Ford Vehicle Wi-Fi  

Many Ford vehicles have the capability to create a hotspot that you can then use to connect your devices. Here's some information on how exactly you can operate this ability.

Setting Up Ford WiFi

The first thing that you need to do is to park your vehicle and make sure you're in a self place to do some setup. Your 4G LTE hotspot will have significant speeds through the ATT network. Plus, it can project WiFi in a 50-foot arc around your vehicle so many people can connect. The max should be 10 different devices. You can even make and receive calls through WiFi this way.

After you are stationary, you need to double-check your vehicle has SYNC connect available. You can check this at the Ford website for SYNC. Next, you need to download the FordPass option for your vehicle first and also activate your SYNC connect capabilities. Once you set up, you may be eligible for a free data trial.

At this point, you can go straight to your SYNC display in your vehicle and hit the Settings option. Scroll over to one side, and you'll be able to select the WiFi Hotspot menu. From here, you need to hit the tab for Vehicle Hotspot. Next, you need to make sure the WiFi hotspot is on. You can do this in the WiFi Hotspot screen just by making sure it says “on” next to these words. If it's not, just hit that area until it turns on.

Next, you need to hit “Settings” and then remember what it says next to “SSID.” This is the official name of your hotspot. If you hit the “edit” option near the bottom of the screen, you can even rename this if you want and select a different password. It's also important to make sure that the “WiFi Visibility” option is set to “on.” This is the only way you're going to be able to use your device to connect to the hotspot.

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