Ford EcoSport to be Discontinued for 2023  

According to the Detroit Free Press report last week, the US market is set to discontinue the Ford Eco-sport crossover meant to take place in 2023. Ford Eco-sport is one of the most loved SUVs in the American market. Rumor has it that a new brand will replace the Eco-sport SUV lineup, called the new Ford Puma, which has better upgrades and looks better.

Ford Eco-sport 2023

The lineup competed with SUVs like the new Kia Soul and the Honda HR-V 2023. However, it seems to fail after a decade. The reasons for the discontinued production of the Ford Eco-sport are poor sales compared to its popularity. The lineup suffered a massive drop in the sale between January and August this year, leading to its discontinuation.

Ford was also reported to close down its manufacturing operations in India, which led to a decline in sales. The vehicle also seems to lack the Eco features that its name suggests, leading to failure to kick off well like in other global markets.

Ford India is said to have lost close to $2 billion over the last ten years, and eventually, the closure of the manufacturing plant in Sanand that was to produce the next generation of Ford vehicles.

Sneak Peak at the Ford Puma 2023

The design is similar to the Eco-sport but more expensive. The SUV offers trim levels equipped with a chrome exterior and a dark contrasting roof. The rear view is identical to the Mazda CX3, with taillights and clear lenses. The Puma is likely to have an upgrade on paints and drive options.

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