Ford & SK On to Solidify Leadership in the Global Electric Vehicle Market Through BlueOval SK  

Ford and SK Innovation have announced the formation of the joint venture, BlueOval SK. This groundbreaking partnership will solidify Ford and SK's leadership in the global electric vehicle (EV) market by developing, manufacturing, and supplying advanced batteries for Ford's growing portfolio of electrified vehicles. With this move, Ford and SK further demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and innovation as they strive to create a better future for generations.

BlueOval SK will bring together the expertise of two leading companies in the EV field. Ford has a long history of innovation in the automotive industry, while SK is one of the leading global battery suppliers. With this partnership, the two can leverage their combined experience to create advanced batteries with increased durability and quality to power Ford EVs.

In addition to developing new technologies, BlueOval SK will also provide expanded capacity for advanced battery production. This increase in supply will enable Ford to meet the rising demand for its electrified vehicles worldwide. BlueOval SK aims to advance sustainable transportation solutions through cutting-edge research and manufacturing capabilities and build a better future for all. Additionally, the two companies will collaborate on developing new connected car technologies, such as over-the-air software updates for vehicles and autonomous driving systems. These new technologies will help Ford remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

With the creation of BlueOval SK, Ford, and SK Innovation are positioning themselves at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. The two companies bring together decades of automotive experience with innovative battery production capabilities - creating a formidable force that will shape the future of mobility. Through advanced research and manufacturing, BlueOval SK works towards developing reliable energy storage solutions that will power the future of sustainable transportation.

In summary, Ford Motor Company's partnership with SK Innovation is an exciting step forward for consumers interested in eco-friendly transportation options. By joining forces, they can increase efficiency while reducing costs and accelerating the availability of electric vehicles on the market. If you'd like more information about this exciting new partnership or to explore your options for electric cars available, please do not hesitate to contact or visit us today.