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Some parts of the car will get worn and start making unusual noises. These sounds may come from various parts of your car, which includes brakes and engine. If you hear your vehicle making such sounds, then be sure to check out the list below of car sounds and what the issue could be indicating.

Squeaky Brakes

The brakes will typically make squeaky sounds when they need replacement. If you hear a squeaking sound coming from the brakes, then this might mean that some parts in the braking system are wearing thin. A mechanic can restore them in good shape.

Engine Rattling

Premature ignition can be the cause of the rattling sound in your engine. This problem is caused by several issues, including improper ignition timing, engine overheating, and improper fuel octane. These significant problems result in the mixing of fuel and air in the engine cylinder, which causes the early ignition and may damage parts such as the valves, piston, and connecting rods.

Engine Clicking

When the clicking noises come from the engine, it's possible that the oil levels are too low. The best advice is to use a dipstick to check the levels. If the issue remains unsolved even after checking the oil levels and restoring it to the recommended levels, make sure to contact our service center for a proper inspection.

Knocking Under the Hood

Knocking coming from under the hood signifies a need for a mechanic's immediate attention. A significant issue can cause this noise with pistons, connecting rods, valves, and other vital components.

Engine Squealing

There are so many issues that can cause a squealing engine. In older models, the sound is usually caused by worn accessory belts. The accessory belt operates different components such as the air conditioner, power steering pump, and the alternator. For the newer vehicles, the issue could be resulting from the serpentine belt.

If you hear strange sounds coming from your vehicle parts, please contact or visit Frontier Ford in Santa Clara, CA, for efficient diagnosing or servicing.


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