Car Not Accelerating

Accelerating is one of the most common functions you may perform while operating your car to ensure you can keep up with other vehicles on the road and merge onto highways. There may come a time where your car fails to accelerate and starts to feel sluggish. If you notice your vehicle is operating a lot slower than normal, there are a few reasons why your car may be suffering from this type of mechanical issue.

1. Dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) or Oxygen Sensor

Your check engine light will come on if there's an issue with the mass airflow sensor or the oxygen sensor. This occurs when one of the parts becomes dirty, which prevents the car from monitoring the air-fuel mixture correctly. Your car can start to have lower fuel mileage and also fail to accelerate properly. This requires visiting our dealership to ensure our service team can adequately inspect the issue and diagnose it to ensure the correct repairs are performed. The dirty mass airflow sensor will need to be cleaned, or the oxygen sensor will require a replacement.

2. Malfunctioning Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

The car's acceleration can start to be affected when the throttle position sensor fails to send accurate information to the computer system in the engine. This prevents the vehicle from knowing how to adjust.

3. Clogged Fuel Filter

Many drivers don't realize that their fuel filter can become clogged over time, especially if it's not replaced after a few months. The filter is created to keep debris and dirt out of the engine but can accumulate too much gunk. This requires replacing the part to restore the car's acceleration.

4. Dirty Air Filters

Air filters also need to be replaced at the correct intervals, but you may forget to purchase a new part. Your car may fail to accelerate quickly if your air filters become too dirty. You can read through your owner's manual to determine when the manufacturer suggests replacing the air filter to ensure your engine gets enough oxygen and maintains its operation.

Feel free to contact our team at our dealership to learn more about why your car may not accelerate. Our team is qualified to perform thorough inspections and correctly diagnose the issue to ensure you can begin to drive faster on the road each day.


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