Ford Engine Not Working

Why Is My Car Not Starting?

Whether you're heading to work or going on vacation, the last thing you want to discover is that you can't get out the driveway. If your car fails to start, there are a few different possibilities as to what may be wrong. Potential problems range from minor issues such as a car that's out of gas to issues with more major parts and components. You may be able to do some troubleshooting to figure out the problem yourself, but you can also contact a technician for an appointment if you can't get to the bottom of the issue.

Bad Starter

The starter is a component that has been in cars for decades. Over time, technology has evolved so that most cars have electric rather than manual starters. Like other electric-based components in your vehicle, the motor has a limited lifespan and will eventually wear out. When that happens, you'll need to have it replaced by a technician. A clicking sound when you try to start the car is a good indication of a starter problem.

Dead Battery

The battery in your car is another vital part that can wear out with age. The battery should last somewhere between three and five years. However, some factors can shorten its lifespan, including driving in cold winter weather and hot summers. Leaving lights on in the car can also drain the battery and make it wear out sooner than it should.

Faulty Ignition

The ignition in your car is another possible source of the problem. The ignition sends signals to the engine to start working. If the ignition coils break, they won't be able to deliver power to the engine. In turn, your car won't be able to start when you turn it on. The ignition is a small part that a technician can fix when you take your vehicle in for a service appointment.

Out of Gas

A car that's out of fuel is a simple problem to fix, but you'll need to call for assistance. You can generally call a towing company or contact roadside assistance in your car to request extra fuel. Another possible problem may be that the fuel gauge itself is broken, which will require a technician's attention.

Clogged Engine Filter

The engine filter in your car keeps unwanted contaminants from getting into the engine and the fuel lines. The fuel filter collects debris and contaminants over time, which means it needs to be cleaned or replaced every so often. Most manufacturers recommend a filter change between 20,000 and 40,000 miles.

If you are having trouble with a car that won't start, contact our dealership for a service appointment.


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