If you've been wondering if you should bring your car in for Ford battery service in Santa Clara, hit play on this brief educational video!

While a car's battery is an essential part on  your new or used Ford, many people don't actually give it the service and  maintenance that it requires. Little seen, but very powerful, your battery is  the thing that keeps your car moving.

To help our customers better understand their batteries,  we've listed out a few tips on proper battery care, while also highlighting a  few symptoms of battery death that you should look out for. Keep reading below!

How Can I Increase My Battery Life?

All told, a battery should last between three to four years,  depending on how often you drive and other important factors. However, many batteries  don't last as long as they should due to poor maintenance.

In order to get the most out of your battery, and to avoid  expensive car battery replacements in Santa Clara, consider a few of these  suggestions:

Ford Battery ServiceFirst and foremost, you should schedule regular battery service, which will not only help your  battery amount its power and fluid levels, but also keep it clean of abrasive  materials that can block your battery's terminals and prevent it from working  properly.

Secondly, we suggest unplugging  any unnecessary electronics from your car when you are starting your  engine. This includes turning off your radio when you start your car too, as  this adds even more stress to your battery that can drain its power quickly.

Finally, avoid  parking in the sun for long periods of time (especially during summer  months). Heat is not a battery's friend, and if a car is left out in the sun  for a long time on a daily basis, you'll find that you need to get your car  battery replaced fairly frequently.

What Are the Symptoms of Battery Failure?

Even if you do all these things right when it comes to Ford  battery service, you'll still find that your battery will need replacing  eventually. To avoid getting stuck out in a grocery store parking lot with  melting ice cream in your trunk, we've outlined a few signs that your battery  is about to die.

  • You have a bloated and leaking battery case.  (Always try to check under hood every so often, especially after you've hit the  three-year mark.)
  • Your fluid levels are low.
  • Your battery warning light has come on.
  • Your car fails to start, or only starts after a  few cranks of the engine.

Where Can I Find Affordable Battery Maintenance Near Me?

Don't buy cheap car batteries in Santa Clara at any old  chain auto repair shop. Visit our service center at Frontier Ford, where we staff highly trained mechanics who can help diagnose  and repair any battery issues you might be having. We use only OEM-approved  parts, so you know that you'll be getting a genuine Ford part every time you  bring your vehicle in.

Visit us today to have our friendly and  professional service technicians help you get your car back on the road as fast  and affordable as possible!



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