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What Is the Ford Edge Maintenance Schedule?

The Ford Edge continues to be a top model in the industry because of its excellent reputation as a competitive car in its class. Not only is the SUV comfortable to drive, but it's extremely reliable. Despite its solid build and quality engine, it still needs routine maintenance to keep everything in check. Following the Ford Edge maintenance schedule in the owner's manual can make it easier to provide the best care possible to your set of wheels. The manual is specific to the model year and trim of your vehicle.

15,000-Mile Service

Your car's oil should be changed after 15,000 to keep the engine and transmission in good shape. The tires and brakes also need an inspection at this point to maintain the stopping power of the SUV. The headlights and windshield wipers will need to be looked at to ensure your car is safe to operate in different driving and weather conditions. Some of the parts may be ready to be replaced due to the wear that is present.

30,000-Mile Service

Once your odometer reads 30,000 miles on your Ford Edge, it's time to get another oil change to increase the operation of your engine. The tires and brakes can also be inspected and may be ready for new parts. Some of the filters may also be clogged, including the air filter and fuel filter. Your driving habits and how dusty the environment is can influence the lifespan of the filters.

60,000-Mile Service

The brakes and brake fluid need attention after the car is driven 60,000 miles. The components may need to be changed during this service appointment. The transmission fluid and the coolant likely need to be replaced, specifically around 60,000 and 75,000 miles. A certified Ford mechanic will also want to test your car battery.

90,000-Mile Service

The maintenance around the 90,000-mile mark is similar to the maintenance performed around 60,000 miles. The spark plugs, hoses, timing belt, and power steering fluid levels also need to be replaced to keep the car running well in the future.

You can expect your car to drive better when you follow the Ford Edge service intervals. We'll thoroughly inspect the car as it gets older to keep it in excellent shape to ensure you can maintain its value and condition. If you have additional questions, we're here to help provide you with more information and will provide a high level of care to your vehicle.



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