2020 Ford Explorer Exterior

With the ownership of a Ford Explorer comes the need for routine service and maintenance. If you're not sure what Ford Explorer service intervals you should be following, we have some information to help you make appointments. We base all of our Ford Explorer maintenance schedule appointments on the information found in your owner's manual.

15,000-Mile Service

This is likely one of your first significant service appointments at our dealership. This is an opportunity to have your tires rotated to promote an even wear pattern. We also take a good look at your tires to ensure that everything seems to be functioning properly. An oil change with a new oil filter will remove harmful particulates from your engine compartment. A multi-point inspection is an excellent opportunity to have everything checked, including your heating and cooling system, brakes, heat shield, and steering system.

30,000-Mile Service

Your cabin air filter will be changed at this appointment to improve your cabin air quality. Another oil change and tire rotation will be performed, and inspections will be completed for your cooling system, exhaust system, and brakes.

60,000-Mile Service

Once your Explorer has reached the 60,000-mile mark, there's a good deal of maintenance that should be performed. Tires should be inspected and rotated, the engine oil filter should be changed during the oil change, and your cooling system will need its hoses inspected. Other parts that may require service include the heat shields, suspension joints, ball joints, driveshafts, and exhaust system.

90,000-Mile Service

If your Ford Explorer has reached the 90,000-mile marker without having its spark plugs serviced or replaced, this is on the top of our list for your vehicle. Many vehicles require the replacement of their timing belt at this mileage.

If you would like assistance with determining the best maintenance schedule for your Ford Explorer, contact Frontier Ford today for more information. We would be happy to help you come up with a convenient schedule that will benefit your automobile.



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