2020 Ford F-150 STX Exterior

How Often Should I Service My Ford F-150?

Your Ford F-150 is an investment that you will want to take care of so that it takes care of you. The best way to do this is to follow the Ford F-150 maintenance schedule. While we all get busy and may be tempted to skip service appointments, this can be a costly mistake in the long run. Let's take a look at the Ford F-150 service intervals to give you a better idea of what your truck may need and when.

20,000-Mile Service

This is the first big inspection done on your F-150. It includes a multi-point inspection, as well as a closer examination of specific vehicle systems. The brakes are one area of focus, with the linings, shoes, drums, and rotors all given attention and the parking brake. The wheels are looked at for abnormal wear, and the tires can be rotated at this point.

If your F-150 transmission has a dipstick, the fluid level will be checked. Our team can look up your vehicle's specific needs based on the VIN. The exhaust system, including the heat shields, is examined. Your engine's cooling system is inspected, along with steering linkage components. Half-shaft boots are looked at for wear. Finally, an oil change will be performed if required.

30,000-Mile Service

At this appointment, another multi-point inspection will be done. Depending on the driving conditions your F-150 is exposed to, it may require certain components to be replaced more frequently. The engine air filter(s) are replaced at this time.

60,000-Mile Service

If equipped, your cabin air filter will be replaced. At this point, F-150 models with a pickup bed power outlet will need their accessory drive belt(s) examined. Your battery can be tested as well at this point.

100,000-Mile Service

Another comprehensive multi-point inspection is conducted once you hit 100,000 miles. At this point, spark plugs will also need to be replaced. As always, an oil change and tire rotation can also be done if required.

The above information is meant to be a guide. For complete details specific to your Ford F-150, always consult your owner's manual. If you have any questions, reach out to our service experts today.



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