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All-New Ford Mustang and Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

One reason the new Ford Mustang is the performance car getting a lot of attention this year, the exhaust audio engineering features.

Unlike other performance vehicles on the road today, the new Ford Mustang gives drivers the ability to control the way their car sounds rumbling down the road. Depending on your mood, you can quietly cruise through the neighborhood or growl down the highway to let other drivers know you’re coming.

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Ford Focus RS Boasts Latest and Greatest in Technical Innovation

The Ford Focus RS performance hatchback continues to deliver on its promise of providing the very latest in vehicle technical innovation with a myriad of features all designed to enhance the driving experience.

The available Sony audio system will delight even the most discerning audio enthusiast with its ten speakers and exceptional sound.

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Block Out the World in the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Enjoy your next road trip or drive through Santa Clara in peace with the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This sought-after hybrid sedan includes many standard features that are designed to make your cabin as quiet and comfortable as possible.

Whether it's hot or cold outside, you'll appreciate the Fusion Hybrid's dual-zone automatic temperature control. 

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Fuel Saving Tips For Your Summer Road Trip

Save money on your next summer road trip by minimizing how much you spend on fuel. There are a number of ways to ensure that you're getting the best mileage with your vehicle, including how you drive, what you pack and how well your vehicle is maintained. Let's take a look at some tips.

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Smart and Simple Ford EcoSport

Ford has taken a bold approach to satisfying the economy car market of late. Ford opted not to offer another small car made from cheap materials to be offered at a minimal price. Instead, Ford designed an all-new affordable compact SUV that gives owners versatility and flexibility to tackle a broad variety of transportation needs.

The Ford EcoSport fits nicely into the lifestyles of younger buyers and city dwellers with active lifestyles. 

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The Ford Edge Is an Impressive SUV

If you have been on the lookout for a mid-size SUV that will be able to carry everyone in your family to all the places they need to go in comfort and style, then look no further than at the Ford Edge. This SUV is a popular choice for families for good reason: U.S.News has ranked it as the number one choice amongst two-row SUVs for families.

The exterior is sleek and attractive, with a dynamic grille and smooth flowing lines that are present throughout the length of the body. T

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Technology Features Growing the Popularity of the New Ford Taurus

When you think Ford Taurus and full-size sedan, you now have to think technology features. Here are a few of those features drivers are excited to discover.

There may come a time when you drift out of the car lane because you are tired or possibly distracted, so the Lane-Keeping System in the Taurus is there to help. When your car rides over the lane lines, the steering wheel starts to vibrate to give you time to focus and get back control of the vehicle before an accident occurs.

Now when you are driving on the highway, you'll certainly…

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